1. Who needs to sign up on Ardhisasa?
Ardhisasa accounts are MANDATORY for individuals that are owners of land in Kenya. The shift from the manual registry to the digital registry will make it impossible for individuals to transact on their land without having a valid account.
N.B.: You cannot create Ardhisasa accounts on behalf of other people – one mobile number is restricted to use by one account.
  1. Are legal persons also eligible for signing up on Ardhisasa?
Company registrations on Ardhisasa are accepted. Same as LLPs, Business Names, Societies, Saccos etc. However, note to use a telephone number and email address of the company that can accept OTP verification (not directors’). The telephone number and email address must not be used for any other registration on Ardhisasa (even on personal accounts).
  1. What about foreigners?
A foreigner can create an Ardhisasa account.
  1. What happens when you sign up successfully on Ardhisasa?
Upon successful registration on Ardhisasa, you shall be assigned a unique Ardhisasa identification number. This number will be used throughout your interaction with the system to identify you and to especially authenticate your applications.
  1. What land transactions are undertaken on Ardhisasa?
Search applications, Replacement of Title applications, Land Transfer applications, Valuation and Assessment for Stamp Duty applications, Demand and payment of Land Rent, Registration of Leases, Registration of Charges and Discharge of Charges, Registration of Cautions and Caveats. Basically, all land administration applications are rolled out by the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning through Ardhisasa.

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