We at Mboya Wangong’u & Waiyaki seek to honour God in all activities of the Firm. Lex Foundation was established by the Partners to help realize this value. We seek to honour God by:

Engaging in corporate social responsibility

Muthangari Primary School is situated in Lavington within the vicinity of our Firm. The population of the school consists of pupils from the slums surrounding the Lavington area. The Firm identified the need to support the school to improve its performance. By contacting the school, we were able to identify the needs that the pupils have that hinder their academic performance.

Each year since 2013, we have been involved in mentorship of the candidates. We engage them in constructive discussions regarding positive peer pressure, teenage relationships, pregnancies, drug and alcohol abuse, personal hygiene, self esteem and other topics that affect children their age.

We have also supported their teachers by engaging a resource to motivate them in corporate strategy thinking and in team building.

As a result of these initiatives we have seen a marked improvement in the performance of the pupils and the school has recorded positive variance in its performance since we begun these initiatives.

We carried out our biggest initiative in 2013, when we identified a need in the school as most of the children did not have school shoes. Through the Foundation, we provided shoes for all the pupils.

The Foundation’s ongoing financial commitment is to provide stationery and food to the candidates through the exam duration. This ensures that the children are well fed and equipped to concentrate on their exams to pass.

Sponsoring and educating young lawyers in the profession

Each year, we recruit a number of students from universities. We engage them for a period of 2 years in which we train them on practical matters of the law. They then register, sit and are required to pass their bar exams.

Students who are unable to pay their fees can apply to the Foundation, and are loaned finances to facilitate their studies, and payment is then made over an agreed period. After sitting and passing their exams, should there be vacancies within the Firm, suitable advocates are offered employment within the Firm.

Funding organizations that impact society

The Foundation is committed to funding institutions that have a positive impact on society. Currently, the Foundation commits to send funds to the Kenya Christian Lawyers Fellowship (KCLF), which brings together Christian Lawyers in Kenya, to ensure that Christian principles are upheld in the administration of law and justice. We also provide a venue for KCLF’s meetings when called upon to.

Staff wellness!

The Foundation also funds fun activities!

LexFC is the Firm’s  football team which participates in Justice Cup annually. Justice Cup is a tournament that is organized by the Law Society of Kenya for teams in the legal fraternity.

The team participates in the tournament because it is a fun activity, to foster staff cohesion and act as a means for staff wellness.

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