The Tax Appeals Tribunal (Amendment) Bill, 2021 (“the Bill”) proposes to make several changes to the Tax Appeals Tribunal Act (“the Act”). First, it introduces a timeline of 7 days from the date the decree or order was made by the Tribunal, within which an appellant can lodge an application for review. To qualify to lodge such an application, an appellant should not have not lodged an appeal for such decision or order at the High Court. It also specifies grounds for making such applications for review, which include discovery of new and important evidence, existence of an error apparent on the face of the record and/ or any other sufficient reason. This proposed change is an attempt to address the gaps that exist in the current law which neither establishes the timelines for lodging an application for review nor clarifies the instances in which such application may be lodged. The Bill also proposes digitization of the Tribunal’s processes by permitting electronic service and communication. Further, the Bill proposes to introduce a requirement for the chairperson and the members of the Tribunal to serve on a full- time basis, and to bar ex- KRA employees from being appointed as members of the Tribunal.

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