The Finance Act, 2021, which came into force on 29th June, 2021, introduced some amendments to the Insurance Act. The definition of the term “broker “has been redefined in the Insurance Act, Chapter 487 of the Laws of Kenya (“the Act”) to include foreign reinsurance brokers who do not have a residence or a place of business in Kenya. Previously, the Act did not permit brokers who neither undertook direct insurance business nor had a place of business or a resident representative in Kenya, to practice insurance business in Kenya. Another addition to the Act is the requirement for all registered and licensed insurers to pay the annual fee stipulated under the Act. This amendment is a re-introduction of the annual fee which was payable by insurers until 2017 when the Act was amended discontinuing the payment of annual fees. Notwithstanding this reinstated requirement on insurers, the Act is not clear on the purpose for which this annual fee is pegged.

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