The Finance Act, 2021, has introduced several changes to the Excise Duty Act (“the Act”).

It is now a requirement for the gazette notices on partial or whole grants of remission of excise duty in respect of beer or wine made from agricultural products to be tabled in the National Assembly for approval or annulment, prior to their issuance by the Cabinet Secretary.

Further, where excise duty has been paid for internet data services by a licensed person who purchased the data in bulk for resale, the Act has introduced a provision for the offsetting of excise duty payable by that person on internet data services supplied to the final consumer.

The Act has also introduced excise duty on imported pasta, imported eggs, imported onions, imported potatoes, potato crisps, and potato chips, and locally manufactured chocolates.

Additionally, excise duty at the rate of 7.5% has been introduced on betting, gaming, lotteries, and price competition. The Act also provides that the fees and commissions earned in respect to loans are now subject to excise duty, and the excise duty payable for telephone and internet data has been increased to 20% from 15%.

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