Conversion of Titles: What Land Owners should understand about the Process – Conversion is the statutory process of migrating all parcels of land from repealed land registration statutes to a unitary regime under the current Land Registration Act, No. 3 of 2012. The titles issued under the repealed statutes will be cancelled and replaced with new titles under the new regime. However, the ownership of the properties, the parcel size and the interest conferred should not be affected by this conversion process, and land owners have a right to object to the conversion process if any of the new details are inconsistent with the details in their current title. The process of conversion includes the publication of a notice by the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning providing a list of all the properties to be affected by the conversion process. The Gazette Notice should also state the ‘old’ Land Reference Numbers, the new Parcel Numbers and the size of the properties. Owners of the affected properties would then have 90 days from the date of the notice to lodge any complaints regarding the conversion. The Ministry has already issued a number of notices and the objection periods for these have already lapsed. More Gazette Notices are expected to be issued. Land owners are therefore encouraged to confirm whether their properties are affected, and lodge any complaints, within the prescribed timelines.

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