Validation of Nairobi Block 110 Title Deeds: Final chance for affected plot owners to verify their ownership details - The Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning (the “Ministry”) recently suspended land transactions involving Nairobi Block 110 title deeds following several complaints of fraudulent land transactions. The purpose of this suspension is to enable the Ministry review and verify the ownership details of all the properties registered under the Nairobi Block 110 register. In this regard, the Ministry will conduct an exercise to validate the ownership details of all affected plot owners from 24th May 2021 to 4th June 2021 at the Survey of Kenya offices in Ruaraka. Affected plot owners are required to present the following documents for review: (i) certified copies of title deeds, grants, transfers and sale agreements, (ii) certified copies of share certificates and payment receipts issued by Thome farmers, and (iii) certified copies of identification documents including National ID, KRA PIN Certificates for individuals and certified copies of Certificate of Registration, CR12 and KRA PIN Certificate for companies/institutions. These documents should be submitted in sealed envelopes.

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